Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions


  • Ordering – Process and Payment
  • Shipping and Shipment terms for Bulk Orders
  • Catalog and Customizations


  • Ordering – Process and Payment


  • How do I order an item?

Simply email us the item code with desired delivery location and we will revert back to you with all the details (shipment and handling charges, time to deliver).


  • You can place order & query through E-Mail on hariommarble89@gmail.com, first you can select the items then E-Mail Us. We will receive your order form and reply you within 10-24 hours Working Day.


  • Does Hariom Handicraft Export accept credit cards online?

As of now, this facility is not available.  However you can use PayPal for payments if mutually agreeable. PayPal payments to be made to hariommarble89@gmail.com using your credit card/bank account.


Payment Information:

  • We accept 100% advance if your order amount is less then $5000.
  • We accept 40% Payment in Advance & 60% (Balance) before Shipment. If order up to $5000. We accept Payments made By:
  1. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) or By Swift Method (Wire Transfer)
  2. L/C (Irrevocable Letter of Credit)
  3. Banker’s Cheque& Draft
  4. PayPal (hariommarble89@gmail.com)
  5. Western Union


  • Our Banker’s Information:



ACCOUNT NO: 005083800003449






282002 UP, INDIA


  • Can I trust Hariom Handicraft Export with my orders?

Hariom Handicraft Export is an Government of India approved Exporter and in business since 2012.  Please feel free to order.  In case you still have doubts, please email us and we will try to address your concerns by providing references.


  • Where all do you service orders?

We currently service orders worldwide.

  • What are the terms for a large order shipment?

We have special wholesale rates for high value and volume orders.  We prefer to ship them by Sea so as to keep shipping costs down.  Ask us and we will be glad to provide more details.



  • Insurance, Shipping and Shipment Termsfor Bulk Orders.


  • Are the items custom cleared before shipment?

Yes. We clear the items from the customs before shipment.  Customs Charges are Buyer’s Responsibility. We are not responsible of any Customs/ Duty/ Tax and other related fees. Please check Customs Regulation in your country for Details Information.All the Bank Charges outside the INDIA is in Buyer’s Responsibility.


  • Why are the Shipment Charges not mentioned? What mode (surface/air) do you use for shipment?

Since shipment charges vary from country to country as well as depend on your order volume, it is not possible to provide standardized shipment rate alongside the item rates. We will provide them on the basis of the items you order as well as the mode desired (ship/surface/air). We are doing this so that we maximize your satisfaction and make you realize value for money.


  • By Air Orders to be delivered By Air are shipped from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), New Delhi. We send the goods from our Warehouse Agra to New Delhi By Road.We ship marble inlay items worldwideby DHL,UPS, FEDEX, TNT and these are home delivered. Items shipped by air are–Boxes,plates,trays,tiles,coaster sets,elephants,small vases,glasses,photoframes,bowls and Table tops which are sent in PVC box packing in air bubble and E.P foam sheet and are  insured and  home delivered in 5-8 days from the date of shipment. The charge is according to the weight OR Volume of the packet. The shipment can be tracked on the courier company website for which we provide tracking no of the shipment.


  • By Sea Orders to be delivered By Sea are shipped from the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), Mumbai. We send the goods from our Warehouse Agra to New Delhi By Road and Delhi to Mumbai By Road or Train.Bulk orders & big table tops cheaper to ship by sea, and are much cheaper than air shipments. Other advantage with sea shipment is that the second item cost less to ship and the third even less. Takes about 40-50 days and are delivered at the nearest custom warehouse. Shipment are charged by volume i.e. CBM (cubic meter). Minimum charge is for 1 CBM and if volume exceeds 1CBM, then charges are for the actual volume of the consignment. Though these big table tops and heavier shipment are cheaper to ship by sea but can also be shipped by air for which special rates are provided to us by the shipping agent..



We get the shipment insured from our warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse under MARINE INSURANCE POLICY and if unfortunately anything goes wrong with the shipment our buyers gets the refund from the Insurance Company at home OR replacement item.




  • Catalog and Customizations


  • Do you have a downloadable copy of your Catalog?

Yes!  You can download a catalog in Acrobat format for offline viewing here (right click and choose save as)


  • Can I request for customizations or changes in the items on display in the catalog?

Yes!  Please feel free to suggest and our trained artisans will be in a position to create the items as per your requirements. Customizations and alterations are possible in brass and marble items and please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.


  • What all can be customized or altered in the items on display in the catalog?

Marble and Alabaster: Change in design, creation of larger/smaller sizes, Shape, change in inlay work patterns, creation of an item as per your requirements.


  • Is Indian Marble stain free?


  • It is stain-proof, any kind of drink like highly acidic Coke, Wine, Whiskey, Tea and Coffee will not stain it and it will remain functional.
  • It is “Washable” with soap and detergent. Cleaning of Marble with Inlaid stones is no problem.
  • White Marble is “Translucent”, Green & Black Marble are “Opaque”.


  • If you have any query. Please feel free to ask hassle free anytime. We always at your best service.



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